Hi, I’m Amber!


I moved to Alberta in 2008 after following my now husband across a few provinces from Barrie, Ontario. I have two children, a dog and a cat (which you have likely met if you’ve ever had a session at my home).


I started my own healing journey, quite honestly after my body broke down and demanded to be listened to.


This is when I found the energy healing world.


After taking my first two levels of Reiki, I decided to open my own practice (@creatingspaceandhealing) in June of 2019 which I have ran out of my home before moving to the Collective in November 2020. It has been the most incredible experience learning, healing and helping others find their truest selves, their purpose, their self worth and helping them heal ailments that crippled or limited them from living the life they desire. 


In February 2020 I added another modality called Access Bars® to my tool belt and in June I earned my Holy Fire III® and Master/ Teacher certification in Usui Reiki.

This was one of the highlights of COVID for me, as I was able to learn from William Rand himself.


So far in 2021 I have earned my certification in Karuna® Reiki at a Master/ Teacher level. As well as my certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage!


As you can see I love to learn and add more tools to my belt to help best support you in your healing and in mine as well!


Along with my one on one sessions, I offer Reiki training, moon circles, children's meditation circles, and more. 


It can be a tricky thing to sum up all of what is possible with energy work, so if you have anything specific you would like to work on but aren’t sure if it’s possible with Reiki or Bars® send me a message or give me a call.