Holy Fire III Reiki Level One - $200 

Level One is your “initiation” into reiki. The focus is opening the energy channels on a physical level, allowing you to connect to the universal life force energy. Many reiki masters emphasize self-reiki and encourage you to focus on practicing reiki on yourself to help work through their own obstacles. I personally like to also see it as an awakening of your intuition, nurturing that mind body connection and really starting to be able to feel what is your energy and what is not. Level One is an extremely helpful tool in learning to protect your own energy, hold only what is yours, alleviate anxiety and stress, set you on your way to find your purpose and really learn to listen to your intuition. The Level One course also includes an overview of the history of reiki and in my class you receive two symbols instead of the way it is traditionally taught, which is to receive none. The reason I do this is to was you into the symbols, the energy shifts and refrain from sending you into a healing crisis and becoming overwhelmed. The symbols you will receive are Om and the Power symbol. 

February 20th - 9am-4pm (Online)

Holy Fire III Reiki Level Two - $210  

Level Two gives you the skills to practice reiki on others and open energy channels more deeply. In this level you receive 2 additional symbols during your attunement - Harmony and Distance symbols. The idea for this level is to use these symbols to bring reiki into your everyday life in more practical ways. The symbols can also help people provide reiki over long distances or send healing energy wherever it may be needed in the world. Your connection to yourself and universal life force energy will strengthen and so will your intuition. In this level I teach extensively about the chakras and their effect on our physical and emotional body. 

March 21st - 9am-4pm (Online)

Advanced Reiki (ART) Level Three - $325  

Learn how to use crystals and grids with reiki. Learn how to use and attunement to the 3 level three symbols. Learn about chakras, and what emotions are stored where. Explain how attunements work. Learn how to do aura clearing (psychic surgery). Learn moving meditation and partake in “meeting your Reiki guides” meditation.

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Private events available upon request.