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8 Week Coaching Experience

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

I am excited to introduce you to the newest part of Primrose Healing Collective!


Coaching is an amazing way to heal and transform your life. Sometimes, doing it on your own is just too damn hard. Life happens, things need to get done.

And your healing journey is put on the side until 'life isn't as busy'. The thing is, if you don't make time for it- there will always be something that makes you believe you don't have time.

That is where I come in.

We will be connecting weekly for 8 weeks as you commit to your transformation. Having me to check in with will hold you more accountable. And you will receive tasks throughout the weeks to ensure you are actively working on your healing. Communication is super important to me, so that is why I also offer unlimited text and voice messages for if you have any questions or, really need anything!

This also includes


Say what?!

I firmly believe, that you can have the best intentions of committing to your happiness and creating the life you desire, however, if you don't work on the subconscious limiting beliefs - very little will change.

During the 8 weeks, we will reprogram your limiting beliefs and allow you to create the life you truly desire and DESERVE.

Anyone and everyone can benefit from coaching. Whether it is connecting with your true self, living your best life, working through habits that don't serve you, connecting and transforming your business, working on either moving on from or transforming your relationship - it is all possible.

I am taking an additional coaching course (its a 6 month intensive that I am f*cking PUMPED about!!), so as I learn more, more will be added in. This also means that in a few months, the price will increase. I am taking coaching clients as of September 1/2020.

As of right now, all these sessions are one on one. If there is interest in the future for group sessions, that might be added in as another option.

So, if you have been putting off your best life. Why put it off any further? Invest in yourself and invest in your life, because, what else is possible...?

Current Coaching Investment: $535.

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