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Awakened Birth - A Subconscious Imprinting Audio

When I started my journey into pregnancy and motherhood, I had a pretty negative outlook on both pregnancy and labour. Which, I have found to be a very common outlook among expectant mothers unfortunately.

There is a significant amount of fear, anxiety and dread surrounding labour specifically - I was having none of this and so I took it upon myself to shift this perception.

I started with myself, hell, if I could shift my perspective of childbirth - then this would help anyone.

I started doing research and reading books that aren't necessarily 'main stream' pregnancy books and more so about reclaiming birth as an empowering and natural experience.

We have been so brainwashed (yes, I chose that word specifically and I don't take that meaning lightly) to believe a few things.

  1. You, as women, don't know what the hell is happening during childbirth and labour.

  2. You need to numb yourself in order to 'get through' it.

  3. Childbirth and labour is something that needs to be feared and dreaded - a time to share horror stories about who had it worse.

  4. And, this process isn't the most natural thing out there.

So, from this - I started to heal.

I refused to accept any of these for my birthing experience.

I made my own Subconscious Imprinting Audio and became very conscious with choosing the type of birth my baby, husband, and myself will experience.

And oh man, this changed EVERYTHING.

My perception of childbirth changed from dread, anxiety and fear to excitement and empowerment.

Thats right, I'm actually EXCITED for childbirth.

I am excited to listen and trust my body

I feel empowered that my body and baby know exactly what to do

I am excited that I get to support my body and baby is the most wonderful way possible.

And in this moment, I KNEW that I had to share this healing with other expectant mamas.

I am so excited to introduce you to

'Awakened Birth - A subconscious Imprinting Audio'

This is a pre recorded audio that you will be able to listen to for the duration of your pregnancy to help you heal from all the conscious and subconscious beliefs you have -and may not even know you have- about your upcoming birthing experience.

Head over to the 'SIT Shop' to start your journey to an awakened birth.

Here's to you mama, for working on healing yourself and in turn - healing generations to come.

Peace and love


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