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Bringing a child into this world

Yup, you read that right...

If you know me, you probably know that I had never really wanted kids. I was very content with my life being child free forever.

And then something changed.

No, it wasn't my "biological clock" or I "changed my mind". It is much more than that.

Let me take you on the journey of how I got from never wanting kids, to being so excited to welcome this being into our tribe.

Ever since I was little I had this deep feeling within my sweet body, that I SHOULD NOT have kids. I didn't want them, I didn't care to have one, I didn't even know how to interact with them.

I didn't want kids for so much of my childhood, that I don't ever remember imagining a life with kids.

The idea of kids repulsed me.

The point is, my body was strongly telling me to never have kids - and I heard that part, I just didn't know the WHY.

About six years ago, I started to feel a spirit.

It would come and go. I would deny it. Push it down. Pretend it wasn't there.

We danced like this for years.

Until one day, it came up stronger than ever, and I simply KNEW that this being would one day be a part of our tribe.

So , of course, I denied it a bit more... (aren't we, as humans, the cutest)

Surprise, surprise - it became more and more present. It felt like I knew it, it was already a part of our tribe - just not in human form yet.

At that point, I found out the WHY that my body had been screaming at me.


This conscious healing surrounding our unborn child started about two years ago.

Garret and my experiences have been different - mine has been crazy intense and multilayered.

And when I say crazy intense, I mean it.

Healing Generational Trauma has been the most intense healing I have experienced - my Empowered Healer Academy Peeps know what's up.

(If you ever want to know more of that story - just ask!)


And, as I healed more and more something crazy happened...

I got excited to add this being to our tribe in human form.

I became so fricken ready for it.

I started to allow the spirit to help navigate the healing.

And, I allowed myself to grieve. Because the funny thing is, as exited as I got, I got even more sad.

My subconscious and awareness were leading me one way, while my beliefs and limitations were leading me another way.

So I allowed myself to grieve the life I had imagined without kids. And as I grieved, I became more and more at peace.

My conscious mind and my awareness became aligned.

When you heal, your life can truly change forever....

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