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How Pregnancy has been an extremely Healing Experience

This pregnancy has been a truly intense and uncomfortable experience.

AND, it has been a wonderfully healing experience.

All the discomfort I have been feeling was rooted in childhood trauma. Trauma that I felt I had almost worked fully through and there was still a missing piece.

The healing the wee one has induced is that missing piece.

EVERYTHING that I had been working on has came up in different ways during my pregnancy.

If you don't know my experience moving towards acceptance of choosing to expand our family check out :

For those of you who do know - you know that I had this KNOWING that it was time to expand our family after experiencing some intense and conscious healing.

I knew that this wee one would disrupt shit and was coming to this earth for a reason.

I also knew that for me, it was the right time - I was ready.

It has patiently and eagerly waited until we both Garret and I felt we were ready - and so it is no surprise that the instant we welcomed this wee one into our tribe - that it started to disrupt shit.

In the most fucking wonderful way possible.

Forcing me to be dive deeper into my conscious and subconscious healing.

And, at seven months in - I am so excited that I am feeling like the last pieces of this healing shift are coming into place. There are a few more things this little one has in store for the pregnancy and childbirth and I can not wait to see what happens.

Healing can be scary, raw, intense and uncomfortable. As well as beautiful, peaceful, empowering, and freeing all in one shot.

Are you ready to heal?

Check out and to continue your healing experience.

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