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Maternity Leave - Taylore

This has been one of the hardest times for me in my life- physically. The last two months for me have honestly been so rough.

I have learnt that it is okay to rely on others and have had an opportunity to get more comfortable saying ‘no’ – because I simply could not say ‘yes’. My body couldn’t handle it.

I have had to cancel a coaching opportunity with an organization I so wanted to be a part of, I pushed back my intensive coaching course, and I have had to cancel more than I would like on quite a few of you.

That being said...

Over the last two months I have been so over whelmed with gratitude of how wonderful all of my patients are and how amazing and helpful my family has been.

Thank you for being so patient and understanding. I am forever grateful.

Peace and love.


Last day for IN PERSON PATIENTS will be April 23/2021

Last day for ONLINE PATIENTS will be May 13/2021

I plan to take off 4- 5 months total, and then coming back with a very limited schedule off the start.

To stay up to date and for more information:

1. Make sure you are signed up for Primrose Healing Collective emails

2. Follow on Instagram @primrosehealingcollective

3. Follow on Facebook at Primrose Healing Collective

4. Check the website for updates

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