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Primrose Healing Collective is Moving!

I have absolutely LOVED my time working out of the house. It has brought me so much joy, and peace. I have learnt so many amazing things and it was truly a beautiful experience.  When I made the decision to move my practice to my house, I remember I had quite a few patients asking : "How long will you be working out of your house?" And I always had the same response. "I don't know. I will as long as it feels right, and I will know when it is time to move." Well, my friend, it is time to move.  Don't worry, I am not leaving Stettler (I have had a few patients tell me I can never leave. haha)  The space is in Stettler. (4905-44th Ave, Bay 3) The anticipated first day at the new space  is Nov 1.  Pending inspections, etc.

I would like to introduce two amazing practitioners joining the PHC team.

"Hi, I'm Reagan! I worked as a paramedic for ten years before making a career change to Manual Osteopathic Therapist (MOT). I want to help people recovering from a serious incident, with healing minor illnesses or injuries before it becomes serious, and general wellness and vitality.

Osteopathic Therapy is a gentle manipulation of the soft tissues in the body. It can treat a variety of conditions involving muscles, joints, internal organs and emotional stress disorders."

"Hi, I'm Amber! I started on my  healing journey, quite honestly after my body broke down and demanded to be listened to. This is when I found the energy healing world.

After taking my first two levels of Reiki, I decided to open my own practice (Creating Space and Healing), I have run out of my home up until now. It has been the most incredible experience learning, healing and helping others find their authentic selves, their purpose, their self worth and helping them heal ailments that crippled or limited them from living the life they desire."

At our new space, we will have courses and events available, with the first one being a Childs Meditation class from 1-2pm on November 7th lead by Amber.

Note: If you are interested in renting the space at anytime, please text me at 403-741-8898. 

 As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at anytime. Keep an eye out for the next email with the official opening date, once we receive the go ahead from our inspections. 

Chat soon, 


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