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Taylore's Maternity Leave Practitioner Reference List

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

I will be on maternity leave starting April 23rd (for in person sessions), below is a list of practitioners I personally see and practitioners I trust with your care. If you have any questions about who is right for you - please reach out at any time.

Practitioners that I personally see regularly

Manual Osteopathic Therapy

- Reagan Stuckey (Primrose Healing Collective)

o Text: 1403-323-2000

o Book online:

o Instagram: @reaganstuckey.mot

A session for Manual Osteopathic Therapy (MOT) is like Acupuncture in the sense that it can treat a very wide variety of pathologies. Some of what MOT can treat include and are not limited to; anxiety, poor sleep, stress, digestive issues, chronic pain, menstrual issues, headaches, joint pain and general wellness. I have had wonderful results with Reagan in treating my chronic low back pain, wildly intense menstrual pain, and insomnia related to a concussion years ago. I also contribute sessions with Reagan to how quickly I became pregnant.

Massage Therapy/Cupping

- Randi Cassidy (Heart and Soul Massage)

o Phone/Text: 403-741-9479

o Instagram: @heartandsoul_massage

I started seeing Randi for prenatal massage after hearing wonderful words about her treatments, and let me tell you – they are no lie. Randi has quickly became part of my regular wellness routine. She has helped me significantly already. Randi is able to find a nice balance between light and deep touch during a session which I have found to be quite beneficial.

Massage (Medium Touch)

- Rebecca Schofer

o Text: 403-334-2248

I have been seeing Rebecca for a few years. Her sessions are very effective and not crazy intense which is nice! Rebecca is also very in tune energetically and I think it shows up in her sessions. Another perk of Rebecca's is that she will come to you!

Reiki/Running Bars/Energy Work

- Amber Smith (Primrose Healing Collective)

o Text/Phone: 403-916-9123

o Book online:

o Instagram: @creatingspaceandhealing

Amber practices Running Bars, similar to me. She also is very talented in all things energy work with Reiki being her primary therapy. Reiki and Running Bars can help with a wide range of pathologies including and not limited to; limiting beliefs, trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, and physical pain. With Reiki and Running Bars, I have had wonderful healing experiences which have included insomnia, stress, physical pain, and childhood experiences. Oh, and these sessions can be in person or distance too – I used the distance session when I had quite bad morning sickness and it was so nice to be able to still receive a session no matter where you are.

Practitioners that I don't personally see and that I trust with your care


- Dr. Zondag (Country Chiropractic)

o Phone: 403-742-8885

Massage (Deep Tissue) /Cupping

- Julie Mack (Patchouli Mint Spa and Salon)

o Phone: 403-742-9838

o Instagram: @patchoulimintspasalon

Massage (Lighter Touch)

- Jen Muhlbach (Thrive 360)

o Instagram: @jennifermuhlbachrmt

o Text: 403-740-9789

Mental Health

- Cally Strandquist (The Wellness House)

o Instagram: @the_wellness_house

o Text: 403-741-7155

Rapid Neuro Fascial Reset

- Gail Baker (Goodsense Wellness)

o Website:

o Text: 403-742-4852

Shiatsu Massage/ Nutrition

- Jaimie Wahl (Primrose Healing Collective)

o Instagram: @synergywellnesstherapies

o Website:

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