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Trauma – Part 3: Trauma in Chinese Medicine

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Now that we have learnt about trauma in the last two posts. I am going to dive in a bit deeper to the Traditional Chinese Medicine side of things and explain how acupuncture can help someone who has been through a traumatic event.

There is actually a very significant overlap between Western and Eastern Medicine. Western psychologists call it ‘PTSD’ or ‘dissociative states’. Eastern practitioners call it ‘Shen disturbance’. But it doesn’t matter whether its diagnosed in Western Medicine or Eastern Medicine, the symptoms are the same.

  1. Disconnected from Here and Now

  2. Spacing out

  3. Lack of connection to ones self

  4. Memory distortions

  5. Unclear mind

  6. Dream disturbed sleep/ nightmares

  7. Insomnia

  8. Over/under reactions

In Chinese Medicine, trauma is stored in the ‘Lower Spirits’ this is the body and emotions as well as our instincts and autonomic nervous system (ANS). Many people don’t even remember a trauma, but acupuncture can help bring those memories up in a safe and healthy way. Emotions are not a bad thing, in moderation they are great – but it becomes a trauma when your body can no longer return to center by itself.

Acupuncture treatments can help someone work through a traumatic event in a variety of ways.

  1. It “Bypasses the frontal lobes to open a direct link to cellular memory…”.

  1. Supports Adrenals.

  2. Calms the Amygdalae.

  3. Releases endorphins.

  4. Allows energetic communication with the body through needles, sometimes talk therapy doesn’t help because the patient can’t/doesn’t’ want to recall the traumatic event. The needles can help a patient remember the event.

  5. Helps patients become more aware of self care and mindful self awareness.

  6. Helps patients develop positive relationship to body and touch.

  7. Helps with physical symptoms resulting in trauma such as; digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, muscle tension, insomnia, etc.

I am not going to go into the different possible treatments, because it is different for each patient. But if you have more questions about what a treatment would look like for you; please call or text me at 403-741-8898 or book a complimentary 15 minute consultation to find out more information.



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