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Trauma – Part 4: Therapies other than Acupuncture

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

I have compiled a list of some other therapies that can help someone heal from a traumatic event in their life. At the bottom of the page, there is a list of practitioners in Stettler.

  1. Talk Therapy

  2. “Talk therapy may be somewhat underrated as other forms of therapy, such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) most often take the forefront. Still, the benefits from talk therapy are vast and said to last even after therapy has ended. This type of therapy allows us to process events and/or situations while also learning more about ourselves. Gaining an understanding of ourselves as well as being able to work through difficult experiences or situations allows us to take what we have learnt into the future where we feel more equipped to deal and cope with difficult issues.” – Cally Strandquist, Student of Psychology.

  3. Reiki/Energetic Healing

  4. Reiki works quite similar to Acupuncture in healing trauma because they are both energy based. Reiki can sometimes be a nice alternative because it has a tendency to be a hands off therapy.

  5. “Reiki, very simply stated, calms and stills the spirit of the person. It promotes relaxation from the outside in and reminds the body how it feels to be calm again. Reiki promotes inner peace and quiets the mind, only when that happens can the body begin its healing process. The physical/emotional/spiritual body can not heal while adrenalin is actively and consistently moving through the body. When we keep the energetic pathways open, the energy that no longer serves us has an avenue for release. When energetic pathways are closed or slow moving, the frenetic energy created by the Adrenalin is trapped within.” Antoinette Laughlin – Reiki Master

  6. Chiropractic

  7. “Misalignment of the vertebrae don’t only happen from physical trauma, but also chemical exposure and emotional stresses. The nervous system perceives these non-physical stresses as threat, and this causes muscle guarding- often presenting in muscle tension- in an act to protect the body. This normally does not happen symmetrically, and leads to imbalances in the spine. These imbalances can be corrected with a specific adjustment to the dysfunction spinal unit.” – Dr. Rae Roberts. DC

  8. “Because of the anatomy within our spinal cord, chiropractic can help balance the nervous system within our spinal cord, chiropractic can help balance the autonomic nervous system.” – Dr. Rae Roberts. DC

  9. Essential Oils

  10. Bergamot

  11. Juniper

  12. Rose

  13. Frankincense

  14. Hops

  15. Peace and Calming

  16. Lavender

  17. Helichrysum

  18. Flower Essence

  19. Rock Rose

  20. Cherry Plum

  21. Cerato

  22. Trumpet Vine

  23. Self-Heal

  24. Star of Bethlehem

  25. Bach Rescue Remedy

  26. Meditation/Yoga

  27. Meditation and yoga can help someone who has been through a trauma by calming the mind. Yoga can be a gentle activity to help with any physical pain you may be experiencing.

  28. “In fact, brain scans confirm that mindfulness meditation is correlated with an increase in gray matter in the hippocampus, a decrease of gray matter in the amygdala, and neuroimaging studies have found that mindfulness meditation also helps to activate the PFC.” –

  29. Exercise

  30. When a person exercises, the body releases endorphins. Exercise will not only help you feel in control of your body; it will also leave you in a better mood and able to sleep better.

  31. Having a Strong Support System

  32. Studies have shown that people who have experienced a trauma have a healthier/ full recovery with a strong support system .This system should include people who love you for who you are. It needs to be a safe space without abuse, being used, or boundaries being crossed.

Some Resources in Stettler:

Talk Therapy:

Reiki/Energetic Healing: Goodsense Health and Happiness

Chiropractic: Country Chiropractic (Dr. Zondag), Family Chiropractic (Dr.Smith), Lynes Chiropractic (Dr. Lynes)

Yoga: Roots Yoga, Yoga with Andrea

Exercise: Thirve 360, CrossFit Stettler

Essential Oils: Nadine Primrose (Young Living), Elm Tree



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