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What will you choose?

Today coming home from Houston, our flight got delayed. Which meant we would miss our connecting flight. Which meant I wouldn’t be back in town until Wednesday afternoon. Which meant I would have to cancel my patients for the day. The list of “which meant” could go on and on. .

Today in the middle of all the chaos I mentally high fived myself because I wasn’t ANGRY or even STRESSED. 👏What beauty! I also mentally high fived myself because earlier when I found out that we were delayed, I made a decision to be present in the moment and choose calmness- and I was CALM and HAPPY. 👏

Two years ago I would have likely been upset, stressed and having anxiety. .

Today was an amazing reminder that you always have a choice. You can choose to join in in the anger and upset or you can choose to be happy. And it eventually becomes so much easier to know you can choose the more you practice. .

So, what will you choose?

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