This is part of the Awakened Birth Series, to be used in conjunction with the Awakened Birth Subconscious Imprinting Audio. 


This Series is to help expectant mothers release any conscious or subconscious fears surrounding labour and childbirth. 


The Affirmations are to be listened to daily - this can be while you're falling asleep, on a walk, driving, or anything else.


The Awakened Birth Affirmations do not need your full attention.



*For best results, use along side Awakened Birth - A Subconscious Imprinting Audio

*Change in wording to be aware of 'surges' replaces 'contractions' and 'pressure' replaces 'pain'

Awakened Birth - Affirmations

  • I suggest saving this audio to your phone so it is easily accessible (notes in iPhone is a great location). If you ever have trouble with your audio - please reach out to me personally via text at 403-7418898.